Wow. “Long run*” today and I think I can say that my butt is officially kicked.

I could blame it on a lot of things – not enough water, too late in the day, the awful Florida heat [definitely a factor]. But, mostly, I blame it on myself – how could I have gone so long without running? You know, you work so hard for something and maintaining that fitness level would have been 1000 times easier than starting anew.

But, that’s looking back. And, well, I am just not going to do that anymore. What’s done is done and there is nothing I can do about it.

Distance: 4 miles**
Time: 50 minutes [including bathroom break – haven’t figured out how to stop my timer yet – again, sad I know]
Tunes: Smash Mouth’s All Star
Obstacles: Lack of hydration, temperature [easily in the 90s]


*I put “long run” in quotes because well, at this point in my training I find it a bit ridiculous to call a 4-miler “long” yet that’s what it is for my training schedule. Sad, but true.

**Map only shows two miles – the distance to get there – but obviously I had to come back.