Thought I was brilliant. My classes on campus start at 11:45 everyday. But, if I wait until then to drive here then all bets are off when it comes to parking. It seemed only logical then – drive to campus in running gear, run, then change and proceed on with day.

First of all, bringing everything you need for not only running but also complete change of clothes plus what you need to clean yourself up [my husband affectionately referred to it as a “de-stink kit” this morning] is, well, a bit much. Then, post run, trying to juggle all the school supplies, plus changing clothes, plus your de-stink kit. Again, took forever. So here I am, two hours after arriving to campus, and my 30 minute run is finally finished and I am dressed for the day. Phew! As fabulous as the run was [and it was!] I’m not sure if I can make this an everyday kind of thing.

Distance: 2.25 miles*
Time: 30 minutes
Weather: Lovely. Upper 70s – nice breeze.
Tunes: None! Forgot my iPod and thought it would be a nice change of pace [for the record – it wasn’t – don’t go running without music].
Obstacles: Fidgeting with watch – attempt to calibrate only made matters worse; fighting freshman on campus; dealing with the hills on campus [my normal run is totally flat]; and waiting on traffic lights.
Notes: Most enjoyable run I have had since returning to running. Combination of beautiful weather, a change in scenery, and activity on campus kept me feeling good and focused despite serious lack of sleep.

*Map doesn’t show that I also ran a lap at the track; I was calibrating my watch – unsuccessfully, I might add.