What? You mean you didn’t miss me? Well, I’m back all the same. Recently motivated sifting through my bin of race and running gear, I immediately began scheming just how exactly I am going to not only run but find time to blog about it. Admittedly, whenever I do some catching up on my running-related blogs I get all antsy to go for a run. Marvelous, isn’t it? How the joy of running can be contagious.

So, I realized, it is just that simple: make it a priority. It is my health, after all.

So, coming this week and next I have a whole slew of fun to talk about: a peek at what makes me go, an update on my runs, my race goals, and my training plan. It is quite the ambitious line-up.


Perhaps my running gear for my next race [sans goatee, of course]? Thoughts?