So, the goal is the 2010 Five Points of Life. It is to take place February 14, 2010. Valentine’s Day. “Hunny, will you come cheer me on from the sideline on Valentine’s while I sweat like a wildebeest?” How romantic, right?

fpol blue star web

Nevertheless, my fabulous husband said “of course” and so that’s where we’ll be. Right now, I’m just on the fence as to whether I want to do the half or the full. My heart, mind, and spirit were set on the full. But, well, my personal obligations as of late lead me to believe that perhaps the full might not be the best idea.

Or, maybe I should shoot for the moon and if I’m lucky I’ll land among the stars? Perhaps.

But the real question: why? Why this race? Why now? Why here? Why why why? Well, the truth is that I’m leaving Gainesville – and Florida altogether [cue hallelujah chorus here] – in early May next year. The full marathon Gainesville version of the Five Points of Life involves essentially a run all the way around the city. And, since I have been here for 6+ years I thought it might be a nice little tribute before I left.

Plus, I have loftier goals in mind for the future* and I think starting with a full marathon of a place and roads I am intimately familiar with would be a nice change of pace – no pun intended.

Have you done a marathon around your home digs? If so, was it better or worse than your other races?

*Again, more on that later.