…I re-write my training plan. No, but in all seriousness, I really am finishing up my TCBY – the last I intend to have for a while – and just updated my training plan. The lovely Lindsay from one of my favorite running blogs, Chasing the Kenyans, suggested that I checked out Hal Higdon’s marathon training plans. And, boy was she right.

In case you couldn’t tell from one of my previous posts, I was wildly confused a little lost as to where to begin. The Novice One plan from Higdon is perfect. I am one week short, but I am sure I can cut a week out from somewhere, right? The only thing that seems weird to me is the idea of only running 20 miles before running a 26.2 mile race. I know it’s normal, it just… bothers me. But, I’m putting my full faith in the experts on this one.

Higdon also suggests, like many other experts, to define a goal from the beginning. And so I will. Not to disappoint, but as it is my first marathon, I’d love to finish. Sure, I might have a personal time or two in mind, but nothing that I’d be disappointed to miss. Not for my first time at least. Did you have a goal for your first full?

But now, I’m mapping out my run for tomorrow. It’ll be my first run in a few weeks and I.am.so.excited.