I have a really hard time finding music that gets me pumped up. I’ve scoured for ideas but, you see, I am really picky when it comes to music and it’s not the type of music you’d run to. Counting Crows, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper. These don’t make for good running music.

Luckily, I’ve happened upon some Black Eyed Peas songs that work for me (Let’s Get it Started, anyone?), but I have a bizarre confession: I have a song. You know, that one song that when it comes on you feel like you’re in your element? Your song has the perfect beat for your pace. And, well, just gets you going. Well, what’s embarrassing about this short tale is that “my song” is probably not what you would expect…

Please ignore the ridiculous cheesiness of the video. And the fact that he like jumps while he sings. Weird. But it was the 90s, after all. So what about you? Do you have a “song?” Something that just fuels you while you run? I know I’m in desperate search for some new tunes.