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4: lacing up my shoes

Oh! Hello running, it’s quite nice to meet you again. Well, nice in that it-will-be-nice-eventually kind of way.

Remember that whole bit about March 1st? Well, I absolutely positively could not wait any longer. I guess March 1st was really like a deadline. A nice, round, perfect deadline saying I would have begun again by then. I wish I could say that I laced up my shoes and jogged out into the world calmy and peacefully enjoying a couple mile run in the beautiful weather and came back feeling refreshed. Alas, such was not the case. Why do I always forget how hard it is to get started again once you’ve stopped? It really makes ever stopping just. not. worth it.

Seriously though, I headed out and spent thirty minutes heaving and sighing and sweating like it’s nobody’s business [at least give me credit there, I do live in Florida and it’s already hotter than most places].

Here was where I was going to insert proof that it’s ridiculous outside – e.g. a photo of me looking flushed and gross post-run. But well, I looked flushed and gross post-run so I realized that that was never a good idea. Ah well, I tried. Errr… I thought about it. Kind of.

Actually, I shouldn’t complain about the weather – it’s really quite nice compared to what it will be in another month or so and compared to what most people are facing across the country trying to run in snow. I’m still contemplating how one does that. Then again, I suppose I’ll be facing that soon. Nevertheless, first run? Total success. Will I be sore tomorrow even though the distance was pathetic? Absolutely.


Distance: 2.15 miles – yes, the .15 is critical.
Time: 23 minutes (don’t hate.)
Weather: 50s, bright and sunshiney!
Tunes: I don’t even remember. Is that a good thing?
Obstacles: Ummmmm the fact I haven’t run in, well, longer than I’m willing to publicly admit. Also, note to self, do not let your BPM get above 195. Even if you are trying to pass the crazy guy who is running and smoking in front of you and thereby blowing all the smoke in your face. BPM > 195 = dizziness, nausea, breathlessness. Just saying.


cooler than I realized

Dude. I’m so much cooler than I realized. Seriously.

So, first, let me tell you that rare sunshine now has a brand spanking new look to go along with the new outlook and the new goals. It seemed appropriate, no? Check it:

That’s right. Are you jealous much? It’s so… well… it’s so me. If you’re reading this in a Reader, you simply must click here and see it for yourself. But, who am I kidding? I must be talking to my whole like 3 subscribers. But still, all three of you. Come see for yourselves!

And…. now for why I’m so cool? I was playing around with templates and a tagline appeared under my blog title saying “…but it’s ok. I like it when it rains.” And I thought to myself whoah, that’s so appropriate for my blog title – how random that it would come up with something so fitting – too bad I didn’t come up with it so I could keep it! Then the more I thought about it I realized, that was just a little too fitting. I clicked around and realized apparently I’ve always had that tagline, I just had a theme that didn’t show it so I completely forgot about it when I made this blog like half a year ago.

Yes, I’m that cool.

And… I still haven’t updated my training schedule. I should probably do that. That would make me infinitely cooler.

planning and planning

See, I’m so excited about beginning running again that I can’t stop blogging about it. If only I were spending this time actually running instead of blogging about what I want to do when I start running again. Ha! But alas, it’s late late at night and there is no way I’d feel safe even at the gym let alone running at this hour. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

So, right now I’ve given much thought to my schedule and what I would like to take on as far as getting back into an exercise routine. And, confession: there is a workout video that I absolutely love.* So, I would really like to make that a regular occurrence as well. Given my schedule and knowing my habits, here is what I think will be most effective:

  • Monday: Workout video in AM.
  • Tuesday: Run in AM.
  • Wednesday: Workout video in PM.
  • Thursday: Run in AM.
  • Friday: Workout video in AM.
  • Saturday or Sunday: Long run.

And of course the OCD in me loves the mirroring of the schedule. Except for the long run, of course. Those darn long runs – always messing everything up! Now I just need to get a schedule posted in my tabs section for me to stick by and I’ll be set. (I say that like if it weren’t posted there that I wouldn’t stick to it. Which, now that I think about it, might have some truth to it and not be as funny as I originally thought.)

Nevertheless, a plan is progress. Now to putting it into action!
I’m lacing up my shoes (quite literally, because if I were using it as a cliche it’d be quite cheesy, yes? Yes.).

*More on this later.

oh, running

…how I miss thee so. Isn’t it funny how the best laid plans just, well, sometimes they just don’t work out? Let’s get things straight here: I certainly have run since my last post. But, if we’re being totally honest, not much. Especially in the last errrr… month. Or two. It’s quite sad, actually.

The post comes on the heels of some undeniable disappointment. Today was the day I should have been running the marathon half-marathon as a farewell to my beloved town of Gainesville. But, I didn’t run that race. And now I probably never will. The good news? There are plenty of other races out there to train for and get excited about!

But, the even better news? My running life is about to resurface. In another week and a half I will be free and clear and human again and actually have time to run and not feel guilty about it. That’s right. Running was making me feel guilty for not working. Pretty crazy, right?

Nevertheless, March 1st will be the start of a new venture for me. I do not have any goals yet in terms of races or plans as I have no idea where I am headed, but intend to run perhaps another half in the Fall, maybe two. And I am so excited about it! It’s been killing me especially with how beautiful this Florida weather has been…. in the 60s, low humidity… perfect, actually.

But until then…. I bid adieu. See you soon. xxox.