Oh! Hello running, it’s quite nice to meet you again. Well, nice in that it-will-be-nice-eventually kind of way.

Remember that whole bit about March 1st? Well, I absolutely positively could not wait any longer. I guess March 1st was really like a deadline. A nice, round, perfect deadline saying I would have begun again by then. I wish I could say that I laced up my shoes and jogged out into the world calmy and peacefully enjoying a couple mile run in the beautiful weather and came back feeling refreshed. Alas, such was not the case. Why do I always forget how hard it is to get started again once you’ve stopped? It really makes ever stopping just. not. worth it.

Seriously though, I headed out and spent thirty minutes heaving and sighing and sweating like it’s nobody’s business [at least give me credit there, I do live in Florida and it’s already hotter than most places].

Here was where I was going to insert proof that it’s ridiculous outside – e.g. a photo of me looking flushed and gross post-run. But well, I looked flushed and gross post-run so I realized that that was never a good idea. Ah well, I tried. Errr… I thought about it. Kind of.

Actually, I shouldn’t complain about the weather – it’s really quite nice compared to what it will be in another month or so and compared to what most people are facing across the country trying to run in snow. I’m still contemplating how one does that. Then again, I suppose I’ll be facing that soon. Nevertheless, first run? Total success. Will I be sore tomorrow even though the distance was pathetic? Absolutely.


Distance: 2.15 miles – yes, the .15 is critical.
Time: 23 minutes (don’t hate.)
Weather: 50s, bright and sunshiney!
Tunes: I don’t even remember. Is that a good thing?
Obstacles: Ummmmm the fact I haven’t run in, well, longer than I’m willing to publicly admit. Also, note to self, do not let your BPM get above 195. Even if you are trying to pass the crazy guy who is running and smoking in front of you and thereby blowing all the smoke in your face. BPM > 195 = dizziness, nausea, breathlessness. Just saying.