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planning and planning

See, I’m so excited about beginning running again that I can’t stop blogging about it. If only I were spending this time actually running instead of blogging about what I want to do when I start running again. Ha! But alas, it’s late late at night and there is no way I’d feel safe even at the gym let alone running at this hour. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

So, right now I’ve given much thought to my schedule and what I would like to take on as far as getting back into an exercise routine. And, confession: there is a workout video that I absolutely love.* So, I would really like to make that a regular occurrence as well. Given my schedule and knowing my habits, here is what I think will be most effective:

  • Monday: Workout video in AM.
  • Tuesday: Run in AM.
  • Wednesday: Workout video in PM.
  • Thursday: Run in AM.
  • Friday: Workout video in AM.
  • Saturday or Sunday: Long run.

And of course the OCD in me loves the mirroring of the schedule. Except for the long run, of course. Those darn long runs – always messing everything up! Now I just need to get a schedule posted in my tabs section for me to stick by and I’ll be set. (I say that like if it weren’t posted there that I wouldn’t stick to it. Which, now that I think about it, might have some truth to it and not be as funny as I originally thought.)

Nevertheless, a plan is progress. Now to putting it into action!
I’m lacing up my shoes (quite literally, because if I were using it as a cliche it’d be quite cheesy, yes? Yes.).

*More on this later.


reality strikes

This time, it’s not in the form of giving up. It’s just in the form of… errrr… modifying my goals. I think that the idea behind my first marathon being a farewell to the city of Gainesville is a sweet idea. In theory. But working two jobs – one being my own business, being a full-time graduate student, and trying to be a happily married individual who spends time with her husband and dog-child and a marathon-runner. Well, something has to give.

So, I have modified my plan to reflect the new schedule and it seems so much more manageable. But, more importantly, it seems so much more fun. I cannot remember where I read or heard it, but once upon a time I was told that if you are running and you aren’t having fun then you should slow down. I am taking that in a broader sense; if I can’t have fun on my runs then what’s the point? I am not giving up, I’m being realistic. If training isn’t fun for me then either I won’t do it at all or I won’t ever want to do it again. And, that’s just silly.

Today, however, I skipped my run with the promise I’d make up for it on my rest day on Friday. Do you ever do that? Trade days or split mileage between other days to get a break. Sometimes I feel a little like I’m bartering with myself. I just. couldn’t. do. it. Yesterday I did a work out video (yes, I said video like as in, in front of the TV) that quite literally kicked my butt. I’m sore everywhere. I have muscles I didn’t even know existed that are sore. More on that later. [Not the muscles, but the video.]