So, my running attire has always been something I’ve struggled with. You see, I own a pair of these:


And I also own a pair of these:


The shorts are definitely a no go. I know these are “runner’s shorts” perse but I honestly cannot fathom how people run in these. I’ve tried different styles, different brands. Everything. Maybe it’s my leg shape or something but for the life of me they will, without fail, ride up. I will spend the entire run fidgeting and adjusting them and, while this might give me something other than running to focus on [har har!] it’s simply not fun.

Now, the latter – the capris – then seem like the perfect solution. They are light. Made of a wet-wicking material. They are, after all, what I ran the Disney Half Marathon in. But let me tell you – they are hot. And, running in Florida in August, well, hot just wasn’t cutting it for me.

Here is where the short shorts come in. These babies:


So I was stumbling around Sports Authority last week and saw a pair of these. In previous trips I think I’ve glided past them – overlooking them as biker’s shorts or something [and maybe they are?] but on this day, dear folks, desperation had set in. I thought, “what the heck?” And, while every bone in my body screamed “don’t put them on! They will make your thighs look like tree trunks!” I resisted my screaming body and threw them on anyway.

Cue “hallelujah” music here. Well, maybe not that extreme. They definitely didn’t do my legs any favors in the looks department. But, comfort level? Amazing. They are light. Wet-wicking. Short. And oh-so-cool. I took them for their first trip out yesterday and fell in love.

And with all of this I realized – sometimes you have to put faith in something that you wouldn’t normally in order to find solutions. And, by doing so, you might just be surprised.