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cooler than I realized

Dude. I’m so much cooler than I realized. Seriously.

So, first, let me tell you that rare sunshine now has a brand spanking new look to go along with the new outlook and the new goals. It seemed appropriate, no? Check it:

That’s right. Are you jealous much? It’s so… well… it’s so me. If you’re reading this in a Reader, you simply must click here and see it for yourself. But, who am I kidding? I must be talking to my whole like 3 subscribers. But still, all three of you. Come see for yourselves!

And…. now for why I’m so cool? I was playing around with templates and a tagline appeared under my blog title saying “…but it’s ok. I like it when it rains.” And I thought to myself whoah, that’s so appropriate for my blog title – how random that it would come up with something so fitting – too bad I didn’t come up with it so I could keep it! Then the more I thought about it I realized, that was just a little too fitting. I clicked around and realized apparently I’ve always had that tagline, I just had a theme that didn’t show it so I completely forgot about it when I made this blog like half a year ago.

Yes, I’m that cool.

And… I still haven’t updated my training schedule. I should probably do that. That would make me infinitely cooler.



Me: “I started a new blog on running.”
Mr. Shinsplint: “Oh really, why?”
Me: “You know, to document what I think, how I feel. To babble about running.”
Mr. Shinsplint: “And who are your readers going to be?”
Me: “Well I don’t really need readers – it’s for me – but maybe any one of the million other bloggers who blog about running.”
Mr. Shinsplint: “Wait, you’re telling me other people blog about running?”

Ha! The fact is: people blog about everything. I mean that: everything. Kind of scary, really.