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shoes found

It should come as no surprise that this morning [as I was getting ready for my run, mind you] I literally stumbled upon my misplaced shoes. Remember? The ones I finally broke down and replaced yesterday after weeks of agony in their absence. Ugh. Oh well, now I guess I have a pair to rotate with. And, you know, it is afterall supposed to be better that way.


new shoes

Went to the Gainesville Walking and Running Store and emerged successful. Not only did I score the footpod attachment to my brand new Polar bpm-monitoring watch [more on that later], but I also got brand new shoes. You see, my favorite beloved Brooks from my Disney Half Marathon [more on that later too] cannot be found. I suppose that’s what five months of being stagnant will do to you: make you lose your shoes.

Anyway, so what shoes did I get? Are you ready for this? The same ones. Well, the new model of the same ones. I tried on some Mizunos for $ that I thought felt great. Then he handed me these for $$$ and I realized the Mizunos felt awful in comparison. Walking on these is kind of like walking on clouds. They might just be better than going barefoot. Now if that isn’t saying something then I don’t know what is.

new shoes